Emma is a creative producer, project manager and artist with experience developing, coordinating and delivering world-class creative participatory projects and events across multiple art forms. Occasionally, she will refer to herself in the third person. She is highly motivated and creative with a focused knowledge and interest in creative and collaborative arts. Across all of her work she is committed to creating inspiring, accessible arts experiences that break down barriers, develop confidence, build communities and enable social and personal development.

Emma has worked within galleries, theatres and schools with a wide range of participants and abilities. Some companies she has worked with include Barbican, Angel Shed Theatre, Poet in the City, Complicite, Fish in a Bottle, Culture Mile, OOMK, BFI, Canongate Books, London Dreamtime, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Musicjelly, Giants are Small, Queen Mary University, University of Roehampton and Grand Matter.

To see what she gets up to do have a gander around.

If you would like to get in touch please email her at - she loves making friends, hearing what people are up to and any potential collaborations!