Pom Pom bookmark, DIY

This is such a simple little DIY but as it involves two of my favourite things (books and pom poms), I thought I would do a little step by step guide on how you can create your very own pom pom bookmark. It's so easy and cheap because all you need are your hands, scissors and some yarn and if you already know how to make a pom pom you are 90% there already.  This is perfect for using up any left over material you aren't able to use on a knitting project! 

Firstly wrap the yarn around three fingers, most likely that belong to you.

Depending on how bushy you want your pom pom determines how much yarn you should wrap around your fingers. I would say you want minimum of 50 loops. I'd actually just got to the end of this piece of yarn so I would recommend a bit more than shown above. 

Once you have finished looping, snip off the end and pull the yarn off your finger, still keeping the shape. 

Cut off another piece of thread. This is going to be the page divider part of the bookmark so its length depends on how much yarn you want coming out of the bottom of the book. 

Next tie the one pice of yarn around the middle, keeping one end much longer than the other. 

Then hook your scissors in between the loop and snip. 

As you snip you'll see it becoming more and more pom pom like. Be careful not to snip your long piece though!

You can then trim your pom pom into a more rounded shape. You will need a hoover once you are finished.. 

Then pop the long piece of yarn between the page that you are on and your pom pom will sit nicely on the top! I did one in grey too, as you can see this one is bushier and more pom pom like because i did more loops.  

The next pom pom I made I wrapped two different coloured yarns around my fingers at the same time to get this two coloured effect.

And that's it! I think these are great gifts for people and also brighten up a bookshelf.