Wrapping ideas - pompom style, DIY

I do love a nice simply wrapped gift, however sometimes it's nice to get a bit playful with the whole business. And when you have a big family like mine, you want to make sure everyone knows which presents are from you! This year my signature was a pom pom. I thought it looked fun and festive and definitely got me in the Christmas mood as I got all crafty whilst watching Arthur Christmas.

I picked up these cute pretty gift tags from an independent shop in Brighton which I thought kept a little bit of sophistication to the look. Tip: If you leave your wrapping quite late you can get some good discounts on what may otherwise be quite overly expensive decorations..

If you run out of gift tags a little trick is to use any christmas cards you may have left over, pop a whole punch through them, thread some yarn or string through the holes and then tie them straight onto a present. Alternatively you could use an old christmas card, cut off the side which has been written on and then do exactly the same! The excitement of receiving a present starts with the outside and I think it's nice to show that thought has gone  into the whole package.