Pink. Not baby kind of pink but that real deep pink, pink. A pink that knows who it is and isn't afraid who knows it.  A pink that says: I am here, this is me, I am okay.  A hood engulfs her like a bear protecting its cub.  Overlarge sleeves rolled up to the wrist reveal a patchwork lining that say: There’s more to me than you think. 

Two pockets deep enough to fit 3 apples a lip balm and a penguin bar. Not so deep that you could smuggle a box of popcorn in the cinema unseen. Walking down the street 

she can feel the eyes on her. Invincible, a warrior wearing an armour going into battle, 

like a superhero.

People swarm around her amongst the grey and noise she hears a gasp as she walks down the grey city streets. She doesn't look but she knows it's because of her. Because of this coat.

A young boy who creeps into his mothers bedroom at night to wear her dresses knows a great pair of shoes that will go perfectly with that coat.